Airwoods Received Award of Most Potential Gree Dealer

The 2019 Gree Central Air Conditioning New Products Conference and the Annual Excellent Dealer Awards Ceremony was held on December 5th, 2018 with the theme of Gree Innovation Technology, Artificial Intelligence Future. Airwoods, as the Gree dealer, participated in this ceremony and was honored to received the “Most Potential Dealer Award”.

Excellent Gree Dealer

From the concept of “Good Air Conditioning Made by Gree”, “Mastering Core Technology”, “Let the Sky be Bluer, the Land Greener” to now “Made in China, Loved By the World”, Gree’s independent innovation spirit, huge scientific investment and accurate and rigorous quality control make Gree to develop quickly and well! Gree’s central air-conditioning market share ranks first for six consecutive years.

Excellent Gree Dealer

Airwoods as a part of the Gree distributors, we are honor to get the award of “Gree Most Potential Dealer”. We focus on improving building indoor air quality with optimized HVAC solutions. Always try our best to serve the customers good quality HVAC system with affordable price. We see the effort that Gree does on technology innovation and quality control, and we’re very pleased to grow with Gree.

Excellent Gree Dealer Excellent Gree Dealer

Airwoods, do just for better service!

Post time: Dec-26-2018

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