Airwoods Makes Debut at Canton Fair, Garnering Attention from Media and Buyers

airwoods canton fair

The 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened on April 15th to record-breaking success. The event attracted 370,000 visitors on its first day, as this year's fair marks a full restart after a three-year hiatus due to the epidemic. Exhibitors and sourcing companies, both domestic and foreign, have eagerly prepared for the fair. One of the new faces at the fair is AIRWOODS, a first-time exhibitor that has not only drawn attention from Guangzhou Daily and Guangdong Radio and Television but also introduced innovative products to the global market, adding new vitality to the event.


AIRWOODS' two core products, the single-room energy recovery ventilator and the DC inverter fresh air heat pump, have attracted significant attention from many domestic and foreign buyers. With the public becoming increasingly concerned about indoor air quality, AIRWOODS products offer solutions to address this issue.

airwoods canton fair

AIRWOODS' air purifier uses four layers of filters, including DP technology, to purify and disinfect the air efficiently. It kills over 98% of the new coronavirus in just five minutes, five times faster than ordinary UVC light. Additionally, the product has been certified to have a killing rate of H1N1 virus exceeding 99.9%.

airwoods canton fair

The single-room energy recovery ventilator provides balanced fresh air and accelerates indoor air circulation without the need for duct installation. With an internationally patented intelligent pairing system for long-distance pairing, the product has a diverse range of automatic control functions that can adjust according to CO₂ or humidity levels.

airwoods canton fair
airwoods canton fair

The wall-mounted energy recovery ventilator is easy to install and has high heat recovery efficiency, while the heat pump energy recovery ventilator provides multi-functional air conditioning, heating, fresh air, and dehumidification. With a COP of over 6, the product is energy-saving and can be used with a wireless air quality module to monitor and adjust indoor air quality in real-time.

All AIRWOODS products come with WIFI capabilities for whole-house intelligent control and can be paired with the wireless air quality module to monitor and adjust air quality in real-time. By showcasing their innovative products at the Canton Fair, AIRWOODS hopes to increase awareness of the importance of improving indoor air quality and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for families worldwide.

Post time: Apr-21-2023

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