Airwoods Contracts with Ethiopian Airlines Propeller Cleanroom Project

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On July 5, 2021, Ethiopian Airlines officially informed Guangzhou Airwoods Environment Technology Co., Ltd that it won the bid for the cleanroom construction project of the Ethiopian Airlines Aircraft Propeller Workshop.

This contract is also the second comprehensive cleanroom EPC project signed between Airwoods and Ethiopian Airlines, which fully proves that Airwoods’ professional and comprehensive strength in the field of HVAC and clean room engineering has been recognized by the world's top enterprises, and lay a solid foundation for Airwoods to continue to expand the African market and other regional markets.

Airwoods is an expert in the "Building Air Quality" industry, with rich professional resources and practical experience in the field of HVAC and clean room engineering at home and abroad. With the development of China's "One Belt And One Road" strategy, Airwoods is dedicated to providing comprehensive and professional solutions for the HVAC and cleanroom needs of customers around the world.

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Post time: Jul-07-2021

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