Combined Air Handling Units

Short Description:

Delicate Section Design of AHU Case;
Standard Module Design;
Leading Core Technology of Heat Recovery;
Aluminium Allay Framework & Nylon Cold Bridge;
Double Skin Panels;
Flexible accessories available;
High performance cooling /heating water coils;
Multiple filters combinations;
High quality fan;
More convenient maintenance.

Product Detail


The design of HJK-E series Combined Air Handling Unit, conforms to GB/T 14294-2008 National Standards strictly, and keeps deepen R&D and updates for times, established leading advantage on Heat Recovery Technology. Holtop’s new generation of “U” Series Air Handling Unit, has been far beyond normal standards in many performance characteristics.


Delicate SectionDesign of AHU Case: Totally 61 types of Standard Section Design of AHU Case, match to more specified air volume demand. Meanwhile, in order to adapt different air volume ratio between supply air & exhaust air for different application demands, Holtop makes additional Deformation Section design accordingly, to guarantee the AHU’s performance, and makes compact AHU size at the same time, to save the cost & machine room space.

Standard ModuleDesign: Adopt standard Module design, 1M=100mm. Module design makes AHU as compact as possible, meanwhile it makes design and manufacturing convenient & standardized.

Leading Core Technology ofHeat Recovery: HJK-E Series AHU, can equip with different heat recovery modes. Rotary heat exchanger is more compact & wide airflow applications. Plate heat exchanger is lower costs with appropriate recovery ratio. Heat pipe heat exchanger is easy to maintain and apply widely; Glycol circulation heat exchanger has zero cross contamination & high cleanliness level. Different heat recovery modes can satisfy different energy saving demands.
Aluminium Allay Framework& Nylon Cold Bridge: Adopt high strength dual composite aluminium alloy framework, mechanical strength up to D2 grade. Cold Bridge cut off design with enhanced PA66GF insulation strip, cold bridge factor up to TB2 grade. Meanwhile, new designed sealing structure of air leakage ratio <1%, achieves purification air conditioning standards.

DoubleSkin Panels: Standard “Sandwich” panel structure, with 25mm & 50mm two specifications. Outer skin is Color Steel Sheet of white color matching to aluminium alloy framework. Inner skin is galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet is optional to satisfy special application demand. PU foaming insulation materials provide the best thermal insulation property. The panels and frameworks are tightly sealed, inner surface is smooth and high cleanliness.
Flexible accessoriesavailable: VP & Moistureproof Lamp for Service Door is optional, the pressure switch or differential pressure meter for filters is optional, too. Air inlet or outlet equipped with closed air damper is optional. Many accessories are available.

High performance cooling /heating water coils: Holtop water coils are independently researched and developed, which are made of high-quality copper pipes aluminum fins, through a special expanding technology for complete jointing, with excellent heat transfer performance. After the coil, the PVC or stainless steel water eliminators can be installed. And a condensate tray can be installed to ensure timely discharge of condensate.

Multiple filters combinations: HJK-E series unit provides a combination of filters and filters of various specifications to meet the needs of the user for different clean ventilation.The coarse filters can meet the general requirements of the ventilation system, the medium filters can meet the general cleaning requirements of the ventilation. The PM2.5 special filters are optional, green air is no longer far away. In addition, special filters for electronic purification and other applications are also available.
High quality fan:A variety of high-quality fansare optional, including direct drive double suction centrifugal fan, double suction forward /backward centrifugal fan, plug fan, EC fan and so on. Fan outlet and flange are soft connected. The shock-absorbing components between the fan and the base can isolate the vibration effectively.
More convenientmaintenance:The unit uses many standard parts, which can be easily  The unit is designed with necessary access doors and can be equipped with observation windows and moisture proof lights to facilitate maintenance. Unit panel can be removed from the outside, easy to disassemble. Panels are decorated with decorative caps, nail holes will not affect the appearance of the unit.

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