Air Purifiers with Disinfection Function

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Molecular breaking technology air disinfection type purifier sterilization rate is up to 99.9%. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR):480m3/h, suitable for area 40-60m2. Effectively remove odor and purify PM2.5, haze, pollen, dust, VOCs. The air purifier has been tested in the microbiology detection center. The killing rate for H1N1 virus  and H3N2 virus is about 99.9%.

Product Detail


Molecular Breaking Technology


Not Every Air Purifier Has A Disinfection Function 

  • Kill bacteria and viruses

Disinfection rate >99%

  • Decompose organic smoke

It can effectively decompose nicotine (produced by cigarettes) and degrade organic smoke pollutants.

  • Crack formaldehyde, benzene

Cracking harmful substances like benzene and benzene series, harmful gases likes formaldehyde and aldehyde ketone generated from house decoration without secondary pollution.


When the polluted air enters the core component of the purifier, the ultra energetic ions generated by the ultra energetic pulses in the core component impact on the molecular bonds of the pollutants, causing the C-C and C-H bonds which form the molecular bonds of most harmful microorganisms and gases to break, so the harmful microorganisms are killed as their DNA are destroyed and the harmful gases such as Formaldehyde (HCHO) and Benzene (C6H6) are cracked into CO2 and H2O.

Super Performance

Dynamic disinfection and purification delivers continuous high performance on killing bacteria and viruses, cracking harmful gases and decomposing smoke particles.

Less Worry

No residual secondary pollution crates less worry and better protection.

Environmental Friendly

Low resistance, low maintenance, low disposal, low energy consumption.


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