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AIRWOODS is a leading global provider of innovative energy efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) products and complete HVAC solutions to the commercial and industrial markets. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the highest quality services and products at affordable rates.

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  • AHU Coil Winter Protection Guide

    Water have been used to cool and heat air in finned-tube heat exchange coils almost since the inception of heating and air conditioning. Freezing of the fluid and the resultant coil damage have also been around for the same length of time. It is a systematic problem that...

  • The Difference Between Positive & Negative Pressure Cleanroom

    Since 2007,Airwoods dedicated to provide comprehensive hvac solutions to various industries. We also provides professional clean room solution. With in-house designers, full-time engineers and dedicated project managers, our exper...

  • The Fundamentals of FFU and System Design

    What is Fan Filter Unit? A fan filter unit or FFU is essential a laminar flow diffuser with an integrated fan and motor. The fan and motor are there to overcome the static pressure of the internally mounted HEPA or ULPA filter. This is benefi...

  • How does the food industry benefit from cleanrooms?

    The health and well being of millions depends on manufacturers’ and packagers’ ability to maintain a safe and sterile environment during production. This is why professionals in this sector are held to much stricter standards than ...

  • Airwoods HVAC: Mongolia Projects Showcase

    Airwoods has successfully accomplished over 30 projects in Mongolia. Including Nomin State Department Store, Tuguldur Shopping Center, Hobby International School, Sky Garden Residence and more. We dedicated to the research and technology develo...